At MyCare we follow a unique approach to Alzheimer’s Care. Our focus is on managing dignity. With no cure for Alzheimer's disease, family members often feel alone in managing the care of a loved one BUT there is support, care and advice at hand. We believe the right care approach can help your loved one maintain quality of life, even in the face of memory loss. Staying in the familiar surroundings of home can keep seniors with alzheimer's or dementia feel safe, secure and loved.
Great emphasis is placed on the care program as the relationships formed during this process determines the long-term outcome for the individual. Not neglecting symptoms of the disease, we choose to focus on the care and dignity of the person with dementia.

This approach enables us to provide individualized care that:

  • Helps your loved one remain safe and calm at home
  • Encourages engagement
  • Creates social interaction
  • Provides mind-stimulating activities
  • Honors and respects who the individual was earlier in life
  • Helps minimize behavioral changes
  • Supports the family