Kindness, Discretion and Professionalism

We know how important it is to place the right Care giver with each of our clients.

At MyCare our greatest asset is our caring Staff. We are meticulous about selecting our staff. We only recruit experienced and committed staff who are passionate about what we do.  All staff are registered with the Department of Social Development.

To ensure peace of mind, prior to employment all staff go through police clearance checks. Further to that, random Truth Verification Tests are done on a regular basis. 

All our Care Givers work under direct supervision of a Registered Nurse and follow a Care Plan as set up for the individual client.

Everyone at MyCare is focused on service delivery which is backed by proper training and on-going mentoring.  All Care Givers are involved in continuous In-Service training to ensure quality care to our clients. In-service training and mentoring ensures that our Care giver’s skills meet the changing needs of each of our clients, ensuring that we continue to provide you with high quality, life enhancing care.

Human capital is managed by a Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) whose role is not only to ensure a career path for our staff, but also to identify skills gaps and correct it.

At MyCare our staff feel valued and motivated and we have a reputation for consistent staff provision and staff retention to enable you to build trusting relationships with them. 

A registered Social Worker is part of the MyCare team. All staff get the opportunity to debrief if and when required. This emotional support is invaluable to staff and the client reap the benefit of it.