At MyCare we understand the importance of independence as a vital part of quality of life. To partner with us, is to ensure quality of life in the environment of your choice. 

My Care is a client-centered Care Service Provider, offering services in the greater Durban area for now, with the intention to expand throughout the province and beyond. Our Home Care is offered in the greater Durban area where we provide care in the comfort of your home. We also render services at Retirement Estates where we manage the entire care service.

Our focus is on quality of life through quality care services wherever you call home.  We respect the older persons right to choose what happens in his/her own life and environment and adapt our services accordingly. We recognize that there are many facets of support and care that individuals require.  By addressing that through our personalized care options, tailor-made to the individuals’ requirements, aging in place not only becomes possible, but is done with great success.

Clients utilizing our service are able to enjoy their privacy, independence and retain control over their lives while receiving quality care with involvement from all role-players within the multi-disciplinary team.  We support independence by filling the gaps as and when they arise.


“Aging in place” is a term used to describe a person, living in the residence of their choice, as they age. This includes being able to have care services (or other support) they might need over time as their needs change.

As we get older, some activities of daily living pose challenges that can have a negative effect on our quality of life. These challenges might be due to illness, injury or aging, and could require temporary or long-term assistance. At MyCare we offer a wide variety of solutions to ensure that these challenges are dealt with effectively to enable you to age in place.

By teaming up with a personal assistant at the right time, the individual ensures independence, therefore adding quality of life.  We all know how difficult it is when we realize we’re not as independent as we used to be, forgetting that with the right support, independence can be maintained and even restored.